We make software by keeping it simple and flexible.

Welcome to the Exomai company web page!
As a software house we are mainly focused on a custom software development to comply with customer needs.
We do also take care about the build process, automation and infrastructure part.


Who we are

A software house founded by talented engineers who are passionate about their work. Our mission is to deliver cost effective and high quality IT solutions.

Our goal is...

To make your business more lucrative by understanding your needs and providing excellent enhancements to your system. Because we treat every client's product like our own, we always deliver on time and on budget.


We offer mobile application development, automation and deployment along with custom software development. Feel free to contact us in order to get more information or to get a quote about your concept.




Founder, CEO



Co-Founder, CTO


Mobile development

We shape apps specific to your ideas, to deliver a simple, cutting-edge app, whether in entertainment or business fronts.
Our goal is to develop strong and valuable solution that best fits you and your business by offering you the latest in mobile technology for smartphones and tablets, across iOS and Android platforms. Our success lies in our mobile development process and confirmed by our customer’s satisfaction.

Build automation and infrastructure as a code

The need to provide software that adapts and responds to business and customer expectations drives the need for improved application release. But developing great software or apps is a waste unless the technology is properly deployed. The world of software deployment is incredibly complex and effective deployment will lead to product success.

Custom software development

We take pride in creating software that makes a difference. Our main approach is to develop a custom system or build from scratch innovative solutions, according to your needs. We focus on delivering exceptional results that drive the value of your business. Our designers and developers treat their work as a craft, not just a task. From smart customization of the pre-developed platforms to full-cycle custom software development along the client's vision.



Exomai Ltd.

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